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Open through February 18: Glide along the ice at the Liberty Ice Pavilion

Ice skating with family and friends in Colonial Williamsburg’s Merchants Square doesn’t end with the passing of the holiday season. All ages continue the love for skating along the ice at the Liberty Ice Pavilion on Duke of Gloucester Street.

This family-friendly activity that has existed for nearly 4,000 years is in its fourth year of bringing wintertime enjoyment to Merchants Square, and is made possible by the support of Dominion Energy.

“Colonial Williamsburg is a national treasure, and we are happy to support the Liberty Ice Pavilion to encourage Virginians and visitors to go to Colonial Williamsburg, learn about our nation’s history and maybe spend a little time on the ice,” said Bonita Billingsley Harris,  Media/Community Relations Manager for Dominion VA/NC Power.

Welcoming to everyone

The ice rink, which is described as, “quaint and homey,” by rink manager, Tony Budney will be open every day through February 18th. While taking your turns around the ice, skaters will enjoy music mixes to the sounds of the oldies along with laughter and friendly conversation.

“The atmosphere and people are friendly,” Budney said. “Everyone is welcoming and here to have a good time.”

Experiencing history

Colonial Williamsburg is known for historical tours and hands-on activities. The Liberty Ice Pavilion is just one more way to experience history this winter.

“It is a wonderful activity for this kind of area because this is a historic area,” Budney said. “To have something for the kids to do to burn some energy while parents are looking at the history stuff is great. We have plenty of staff to look after kids ages ten and up.”

Ice skating for beginners

Children six and under who are new to the ice have access to skate aid walkers on a first come first serve basis at the Pavilion. These colorful plastic walkers help younger skaters keep their legs under them as they get used to the slippery ice. For the older skaters in your group who are new as well, the railings along the ice will help steady them as they gain confidence.

“Children usually only need the walkers a couple of turns around the rink before they are able to go it alone,” Budney shared. “Since parents are not permitted to carry children on the ice for safety reasons, the skate aids allow the kids to get on the ice themselves.”

With several trained EMT’s and firefighter staff members on hand each day, safety is a priority at the Liberty Ice Pavilion.

Skate Rentals and Tips

Need a set of skates before hitting the ice? The Liberty Ice Pavilion rents skates from a child size nine to size thirteen for adults.

Before hitting the ice, Budney has some tips for anyone hoping to visit the rink.

“Check on the weather before heading down and dress in layers,” Budney shared. “The Liberty Ice Pavilion stays open when it rains, so bring an extra pair of clothes. The ice will be wet and so will you.”

Packing the ice

Even though the holidays have drawn to a close, there’s no better way to make those feelings of love and happiness last with family and friends than the feeling of flying along the ice.

“I had the opportunity to visit the rink before Christmas, and it was packed,” Harris said. “There were families with small children, teenagers and middle age couples – all skating, laughing and enjoying a beautiful winter day.”

Snag your tickets and glide along the ice at the Liberty Ice Pavilion by clicking here.

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