Friday, March 31, 2023

A look back at some of the most memorable stories of 2018

A lot happened in 2018 and a lot of stories have been published about it.

Here’s just a fraction of what you might have missed this year on Southside Daily.

Norfolk Southern’s fraternity culture

A $2.5 million lawsuit from an ex-employee of Norfolk Southern Railway Co. revealed details about crew members allegedly abusing alcohol and working while under the influence. READ MORE.

A New Filipino restaurant

Virginia Beach was able to play host to a new Filipino Restaurant, bringing authentic Filipino cuisine to the Southside in Redmill Commons. READ MORE.

Storefront for Only at Renee’s (Courtesy of Emma Dizon)

Farm Fresh layoffs

There were more than 1,000 Farm Fresh layoffs announced on the Southside early this year. READ MORE.

More than 1,000 Farm Fresh layoffs announced on Southside

The search for Denise Martin

Denise Martin, 22-year-old woman from Virginia Beach, went missing in June. Her body was recovered shortly afterwards. READ MORE.

Bellamy Gamboa

After another Virginia Beach woman was reported missing July 1, her boyfriend allegedly confessed to killing her, but her body was never recovered. READ MORE.

Bellamy Gamboa’s alleged killer nixes bond hearing request

Bird Electric scooters

“Bird,” an electric scooter company, dropped off dozens of electric scooters on Virginia Beach and Norfolk overnight. The cities have been holding on to them ever since. READ MORE.

Bird electric scooters were dropped off in Norfolk. They’ve been impounded by the city

Breaking the silence on stillbirth

A local couple’s journey after losing their own child by stillbirth led them to help others deal with the pain. READ MORE. 

Breaking the silence on stillbirth: This couple’s grief transitioned to helping others deal with the pain

The Pungo house

After sitting for nearly three decades unfinished, this Pungo area house has been sold. READ MORE.

After nearly 3 decades sitting unfinished, Pungo area house has sold

Lifting homes and spirits

A FEMA grant program is trying to help out those who live in flood-prone properties. READ MORE.

Homes and spirits being lifted by federal dollars in Virginia Beach. Here’s how

Norfolk Southern’s big move

Norfolk Southern announced plans to move to their headquarters to Atlanta. READ MORE.

Norfolk Southern has finalized plans to move to Atlanta

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