Friday, December 8, 2023

This health foundation just gave $1 million to make Williamsburg healthier

Students from a WJCC elementary school warm up for a 5K racing event as part of the SHIP health initiative. (WYDaily photo/Courtesy Williamsburg Health Foundation)

The Williamsburg Health Foundation took another step in creating a healthier city — the foundation awarded nearly a $1 million in grants to organizations across the area.

“The opportunity to live a healthy life is not evenly distributed to all,” said Carol Sale, the foundation’s president and chief executive officer.  “A major thrust of the foundation’s work for many years has been to look at upstream determinants of health and try to level the playing field so everyone in our community can have a chance to lead a healthier life for the long term”

This is the second of two rounds of grants this year that was approved on Dec. 3, according to a news release from the foundation.

During this round, the largest grant of $450,000 was given to Olde Towne Medical and Dental Center for basic operating support. Sale said this has been a consistent grant over the years but will help even more as Gov. Ralph Northam continues to expand medicaid.

“Medicaid reimbursement does not typically cover the cost of treating a patient,” Sale said. “We know there will still be a profound need for support for the local clinics, and we hope that donors and longtime supporters will understand this as well.”

The foundation also awarded $25,000 to Arc of Williamsburg, which provides programs for people with developmental disabilities, for adult fitness classes. One Child Center for Autism received a $15,000 grant for its monthly Kids’ Night at the Williamsburg Indoor Sports Complex. The event helps to provide opportunities individuals with disabilities of all ages to experience active living, according to the news release.

The foundation’s largest grant overall was awarded to the School Health Investment Program. SHIP typically receives the largest grant each year, Sale said.

“At the foundation, we always remind people that we all have a role to play in making ours a healthier community,” Sale said. “Be kind, help someone who needs you, or support a local organization. It all goes a long way towards making ours a healthy community.”

Other grant winners include:

Alexa Doiron
Alexa Doiron
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