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Notice anything new about ODU’s bookstore?

Renovations to the University Bookstore were completed in early August. (Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of ODU)
Renovations to the University Bookstore were completed in early August. (Southside Daily photo/Courtesy of ODU)

NORFOLK — If you’ve been to the Village Bookstore this semester, you’ve probably noticed some changes.

The bookstore underwent major renovations which were completed in early August.

An upgrade to the 11-year-old bookstore was long overdue, said Follett Corp. regional director Darryl Atkinson.

He said the major changes are “more service-oriented.”

Rich Salata, director of in-store experience at Follett, and Todd Johnson, assistant vice president for auxiliary services, helped with the renovation, which included relocating several areas for quicker access.

For example, the e-Follett online order pick-up area was moved to the second floor, where the textbook aisles remain.

In an effort to improve the quality and accessibility of computer repair services and electronic products, the bookstore relocated its Monarch Techstore and computer repair shop to the first floor.

The repair shop was redesigned to include a transparent half-glass wall so students can observe their laptops and computers being repaired.

The bookstore also built an Apple Genius Bar on the first floor.

“One of our wish items was to have it so that we could do training kind of like a real Apple store,” Atkinson said. “Customers come in – we have an area that we can set up, work with them, answer their questions.”

Store co-manager Rhyannon Potter said there are also “Appy Hour” events to educate members of the campus community about Apple apps.

Potter also said that they wanted to increase community engagement by placing various seating areas around the first two floors of the bookstore.

The redesign includes a lounge space on the first floor for students to study, meet with friends, or gather for events.

Potter said the lounge area can hold up to 20 people, creating the possibility of hosting small events and gatherings.

Upstairs, there are new study area additions and lounge areas. At least 10 half-desks are stationed along a glass wall by the escalators, with charging stations nearby.

For fall hours, or to shop online, visit here.

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