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New thrill rides coming to Busch Gardens, Water Country USA next year

A rendition of what Finnegan's Flyer will look like once it's constructed. (WYDaily/ Courtesy SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment)
A rendition of what Finnegan’s Flyer will look like once it’s constructed. (WYDaily/ Courtesy SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment)

Get ready to hold onto your seats. A ride that reaches heights of 80 feet and another that goes 35 feet per second will be ready for thrill seekers by spring of next year.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA each introduced new rides Wednesday evening on a Facebook live video.

Finnegan’s Flyer will debut at Busch Gardens in the spring of 2019.

The ride was described by the video’s host as a ‘screaming swing,’ with speeds up to 45 mph. Finnegan’s Flyer has two large pendulum-like arms, with guests reaching heights of 80 feet as they are swung back and forth into the air.

More than 30 riders will be able to board the swing at a time.

The new ride will be built in Killarney Village, the Irish-themed section of the park. Finnegan’s Flyer will be adjacent to Loch Ness Monster according to Busch Gardens’ website.

Busch Gardens received a height limit waiver for the attraction from the James City County Board of Supervisors in June. The park has other attractions for which height waivers have been issued, including the roller coasters Verbolten, Tempesto, Apollo’s Chariot and Griffon.

Water Country USA will become home to Virginia’s first water roller coaster when it opens in spring 2019.

Overhead rendition of the Cutback hybrid water roller coaster. (WYDaily/Courtesy SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment)
Overhead rendition of the Cutback hybrid water roller coaster. (WYDaily/Courtesy SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment)

Named Cutback, the 856 foot long coaster will take riders 35 feet per second as they wind and plunge their way through 76 feet of vertical drops. Riders will slide onto five different saucer-shape features which will provide them with a drop and dive sensation.

“Cutback will drive bigger boats, at higher speeds, and move riders up longer, steeper inclines,” the park said on their website.

The announcement of the two new rides is inline with parent company SeaWorld’s recent efforts to build new attractions to draw guests to its parks.

SeaWorld has not yet announced any new details for the proposed Madrid attraction since applying for a height limit waiver in 2017.

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