Monday, December 11, 2023

ICYMI: Special Olympics, The Alley, West Nile, jail fees, Underground Railroad, and more

A different challenge

For many, the videos have been opportunities to relieve stress and have fun, but for the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office, which was challenged to a lip sync battle by the Tazewell Sheriff’s Office last month, the lip sync video was an opportunity to spread a more important message. READ MORE.

Read his lip sync: Virginia Beach sheriff calls for support of Special Olympics

Doing business in The Alley

The name The Alley comes from a time, years ago, when there were so many surfboard builders in that area that locals gave it the name Surfboard Alley. READ MORE.

Four area businesses thriving in The Alley

Spray, spray, spray

Human cases typically start around this time of year and usually continue through September. READ MORE.

What about jail fees?

Since 2002, more than 160,000 inmates have been released from the Virginia Beach Jail. Those inmates currently owe the city $8.7 million in outstanding jail fees. READ MORE.

Virginia Beach Sheriff makes up for unpaid inmate fees using an online market

A piece of ‘Underground’ history

While gesturing to the right half of the grand fireplace in the front room of the house Pat Berson said, “This was a stop on the Underground Railroad. This is hollow. If you go upstairs, you can lift up the floor and it’s hollow. And they used to put slaves in there.” READ MORE.

Where We Live: This home was built in 1760 and was a stop on the Underground Railroad

Other stories people were talking about:

The First 2,000: The most important days of a child’s life

Can a child follow direction? Can they sit and listen to a story? How will the child interact with his or her peers? Those are all important skills to have before starting school and things parents can work on with their children. READ MORE.

Beach Breach Weekly: Thievery at the mall and beyond

Here’s last week’s list.

One at a time: Brothers help customers save money and the environment

Both of the brothers say they try to help customers see solar energy as an investment: First by saving them money month after month and year after year, and second through its positive impact on the environment and for generations to come. READ MORE.

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