Friday, April 19, 2024

ICYMI: Cowabunga, alleged killer, cop dogs, snakes are out, and more

It’s a survey, dude

The study builds off topics she has done previous research on, such as connection to place and localism. READ MORE.

It’s now a murder case

Police arrested Lamont Johnson, Bellamy Gamboa’s ex-boyfriend – according to the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office online jail booking, the offense date for the murder charge was July 1, the same day Gamboa was last seen. READ MORE.

Missing Virginia Beach woman’s ex-boyfriend booked on second-degree murder, other charges Sunday


Lamont Johnson confessed to “pushing the victim down the stairs and falling on her” and also admitted to “choking the victim until she was dead,” according to court documents. READ MORE.

Man charged in missing mother’s death told police how he killed her, court papers say

‘Who let the dogs out?’

Much like their human colleagues in the department, police dogs receive extensive training and thrive on trust, respect, a command structure and communication with their partners. READ MORE.

Part man, part beast: Police dogs work and play in Virginia Beach

Watch out now

Deer, rabbits, and other mammals can be forced to flee the high water, as can reptiles – such as snakes. READ MORE.

High waters can force snakes from their usual habitat

Other stories people were talking about:

Unsafe sleep environments remain deadly for Hampton Roads infants

An unsafe sleep environment occurs when a child, usually an infant, is allowed to sleep any place, or on any surface, that is not intended for infant sleeping, or with items in their bed that shouldn’t be there, such as blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, or baby dolls. READ MORE.

Recent wet weather could lead to Saltmarsh mosquito invasion

Synchronous breeders, the Saltmarsh mosquito lays its eggs in the high parts of the salt water marshes, where, when the tides rise enough, the eggs get wet and the larvae hatch – all of them at the same time. READ MORE.

For the HRBT project, it’s going to be the bored-tunnel method

Last week, both competing teams-Hampton Roads Capacity Constructors and Hampton Roads Connector Partners notified VDOT they selected the bored-tunnel method as the basis for their bid proposals, which will be submitted in late 2018. READ MORE.

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