Sunday, December 10, 2023

ICYMI: Meet Sam, flood fight, zipper merge, clean cars, body cams, and more

Meet Sam

Being a woman in a field that is heavily prevalent with men doesn’t bother her; “it’s been normal for me. It’s not something I think about,” Sam Reyes said. READ MORE.

Young chef brings Guam flavors to Southern cooking

The fight continues

Kurt McCoy has worked at the USGS as a hydrologist for 16 years. He operates out of Richmond and travels to Virginia Beach with his team of scientists about every six weeks to survey waterways, maintain equipment and collect data on the city’s groundwater. READ MORE.

Scientists supporting Virginia Beach’s fight against flooding

The ‘zipper merge’

The zipper merge is already common practice in many European countries, but in the United States it is still usually considered polite to merge as early as possible. READ MORE.

Clean cars

Environmentalists, concerned residents and representatives of both the Virginia Beach and Norfolk city councils came together Tuesday at Solar Services to oppose the Trump administration’s planned roll-backs. READ MORE.

Groups come together to speak against auto emission roll-backs

Smile, you’re on camera

Virginia Beach is the last city in Hampton Roads to implement a body-worn camera program for its police officers. READ MORE.

Virginia Beach Police unveils plan for body-worn cameras

Other stories people were talking about:

New raw bar and eatery opens near the Oceanfront

As might be surmised from a name that includes two oceans, the restaurant primarily focuses on being a raw bar and seafood establishment. READ MORE.

Beach Breach Weekly: Grand, petit larceny, uttering and a no-show

Here’s last week’s list.

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