Friday, December 1, 2023

You’ll pay slightly more for a gallon of gas this week, AAA says

Gas pump with hand removing nozzle (WYDaily photo/Adobe)
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Gasoline prices are back on the rise in Virginia, with the average price up 2 cents per gallon since July Fourth, according to AAA Tidewater Virginia.

The current price for a gallon of gasoline in Virginia is $2.62, which is 2 cents more than last week but 5 cents less than in June, AAA said. However, prices remain 59 cents higher than last year.

Despite the slight increase, Virginia ranks sixth among states with the lowest gas prices, AAA Tidewater Virginia said.

“July typically has a tendency to see gas prices trend cheaper. However with crude oil prices nearly $25 more a barrel compared to last year, instead we are seeing an upward pricing trend,” said Georjeane Blumling, vice president of public affairs for AAA Tidewater Virginia. “If this trend continues, and if we see any supply disruptions, such as a hurricane, pump prices may see new three-year highs.”

Lowest gas prices per gallon nationwide:

  1. Alamaba: $2.55

2. Mississippi: $2.56

3. South Carolina: $2.57

4. Louisiana, Arkansas: $2.60

6. Virginia: $2.62

7. Tennessee, Oklahoma: $2.63

9. Texas: $2.64

10. Missouri: $2.66

Bryan DeVasher
Bryan DeVasher
Bryan DeVasher is the managing editor-digital of WYDaily. A resident of Hampton Roads for more than two decades, he has worked for news organizations in Virginia, Illinois, Missouri and Indiana. He most recently was a member of the public relations staff for Virginia State Police.

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