Monday, May 23, 2022

Art pops up on sidewalks in the ViBe District

VIRGINIA BEACH — If you find yourself taking a stroll through the ViBe Creative District in the coming weeks be sure to look down.

Friday, a number of artists – each assigned five sidewalk squares at various locations throughout the district – braved the heat (and the sun and the people and the traffic) and added their own distinct artistic flare to the concrete surfaces people seldom notice.

The artwork is only temporary, done with traffic paint and spray paint. The goal, said ViBe District Executive Director Kate Pittman, “is to create a sense of discovery and walkability” as people stroll to and from shops and restaurants and studios.

Among the artists who took part were: Evan Sokel, Kelsey “Vitamin” Witt, Kat Hicks, Andrew Brietenberg, Cherilyn Colbert, Jeff Tarkenton, Mike Smack, Parrish Majestic and Rebecca McCurdy. The locations are Parks Avenue, between 19th and 22nd streets; 21st and 22nd streets between Parks and Cypress; Cypress between 19th and 21st; along Virginia Beach Boulevard between Cypress; and on Pacific between 18th and Virginia Beach Boulevard.

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