Sunday, September 24, 2023

Things are looking sunny for your 4th of July cookouts. Here’s the forecast

Locals will have typical summer weather to look forward to as they get ready to grill and set off fireworks for the 4th of July.

The National Weather Service is calling for mostly sunny weather in Hampton Roads with temperatures reaching the high 80s and possibly the low 90s.

“There’s no rain in the forecast right now,” said Brendan Scraper, meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Wakefield. “We could see an afternoon or evening thunderstorm but we’re anticipating a typical summer day for the 4th of July.”

For the travel days before and after the 4th of July, the weather is forecast to be on par with Independence Day.

On Tuesday and Thursday, the main holiday travel days, the weather will again be in the high 80s with a low chance of rain, according to the National Weather Service.

As far as later in the summer, the weather is harder to predict.

“Forecasting beyond seven days is kind of like black magic,” Scraper said. “But nothing that we see in our projections says we will deviate from our normal summer weather.”

Scraper said for the foreseeable weeks, Hampton Roads can expect more sunny skies and high 80s temperatures with the occasional shower.

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