Friday, September 30, 2022

Virginia Beach elderly couple dies on same day

VIRGINIA BEACH — An elderly couple dying in a nursing home can occasionally happen, but when they die on the same day just hours apart in the same room — it becomes extraordinary.

That’s the story of Louise Harris, 80, and James Harris, 83. The couple died of natural causes in a senior living facility on June 13, according to Virginia Beach Police spokeswoman Tonya Pierce.

James died just two hours after Louise, Pierce said.

Family members and medical staff were present at the time, indicating that their passing may have been considered imminent.

The obituary did not mention whether James and Louise were married.

Police said there were no signs of foul play and that the medical examiner did not order an autopsy.

James was born in Chidester, Arkansas on Feb. 23, 1935, according to his obituary. He retired from the Navy in 1974 after serving 20 years and later retired from the Norfolk Naval Shipyard.

Louise was born in Sharon, Massachusetts on July 5, 1937. She retired from GEICO and later from QVC, according to the obituary.

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