Wednesday, July 17, 2024

There’s going to be 275 artists for this annual event

VIRGINIA BEACH — This weekend you can take a walk on the boardwalk and check out some art while you’re at it, as Virginia Beach’s longest running annual Oceanfront event, the Boardwalk Art Show, runs through Sunday.

The event will feature 275 artists from across the United States, lined up on the boardwalk from 18th Street to 35th Street.

One of the artists is Virginia Beach photographer Bob Peterson, who will be displaying his work publicly for the first time.

“I’m thrilled to get into the show and represent Virginia Beach’s creative community,” said Peterson, who along with his wife Judy works out of BOJUart in the ViBe District. “My work captures the chaos of nature with large-scale photography in a combination of abstract and realism.”

His art, featuring dramatic mirror image reflections of local seascapes and larger-than-life, vibrant color peonies and cone flowers, is intended to take the viewer into the beauty of nature in an effort to create an emotional response, he said.

Peterson has a BFA in Visual Design and Illustration from Kent State University (Ohio) with a curriculum that included old school photography and lab classes.

His “Floral” series uses a narrow depth-of-field to draw a “startling response.”

Inspired by living in coastal Virginia, the “Reflect” series is an abstract interpretation of the natural and repetitive nature of the coastal landscape.

He said his use of textured rag paper pushes the photographic image and achieves the feel of a hand-applied medium.

This will be the 63rd year for the Boardwalk Art Show, which receives 700 applications every year from artists around the country representing 13 fine art and contemporary craft mediums.

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