Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Swimming advisory lifted at Yorktown Beach

Yorktown Beach. (Andrew Harris/WYDaily)
A swimming advisory has been lifted for Yorktown Beach. (Andrew Harris/WYDaily)

A swimming advisory for Yorktown Beach has been lifted, health officials said Thursday.

The advisory was issued Wednesday, when tests showed an elevated level of bacteria in the water off Yorktown Beach.

Thursday’s resampling indicated bacteria levels met Virginia’s water quality standards, according to the Peninsula Health District. As a result, recreational uses such as swimming are now permitted.

Throughout the summer season, the health department monitors recreational waters for various “indicator organisms,” including enterococci — a group of organisms that determine the amount of fecal contamination in the water.

Enterococci do not cause illness, but scientific studies suggest their presence in water is closely correlated to the presence of other disease-causing organisms.

Those who swim in contaminated waters may be at risk of gastrointestinal illness, the health department said.

Residents are reminded to avoid swimming in water that appears muddy of has an unpleasant smell.

Recreational water should not be swallowed or be allowed to make contact with broken skin. Swimming should also be avoided for days after heavy rains.

The swimming advisory was also lifted for Hilton Beach in Newport News.

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