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Sam’s Xpress car wash approved for Bypass Road in York

Elevations of the Sam's Xpress Car Wash were submitted with the application. (WYDaily/Courtesy York County)
Elevations of the Sam’s Xpress car wash were submitted with the application. (WYDaily/Courtesy York County)

YORK — A new car wash will be opening on Bypass Road.

Sam’s Xpress has been approved to open a car wash along a 210-foot stretch of Bypass Road between the former Bassett’s Christmas Shop and the Mr. T Tire & Auto.

York County’s Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the request at their May 14 meeting.

The proposal calls for a drive-thorough tunnel car wash with gas pumps and vacuums on the property, which is composed of four parcels located at 305, 311, 311A and 313 Bypass Road.

“Located on a principal arterial road containing predominantly commercial uses, this site is an appropriate location, in my opinion, for a car wash and motor vehicle fuel dispensing facility,” County Administrator Neil Morgan said in meeting documents.

A Sam’s Xpress spokesman did not provide a timeline for the opening of the car wash.

Three single family homes on the sites have recently been demolished.

Meeting documents indicate the car wash will be open from 7:30 a.m. to 9 p.m. and the fueling stations will be open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. A barrier will cover the exit of the tunnel, which will face Bypass Road.

A site plan submitted alongside the application. (WYDaily/ Courtesy York County)
A site plan submitted alongside the application. (WYDaily/ Courtesy York County)

The car wash is designed to be environmentally friendly, and will capture nearly all the water for conservation. Sam’s Xpress also uses biodegradable soaps and energy-efficient equipment.

The applicants said they expect nearly 1,000 customers to visit the property each day, with 56 morning rush hour trips and 87 evening rush hour trips. A turn lane will also be added to access the car wash.

Sam’s Xpress, headquartered in Mathews, North Carolina, owns about 20 car wash locations. The York location is expected to employ 25 people.

“We think this would be an attractive addition to Bypass Road, that would complement the existing tourist related developments,” said Tim Cross, York County deputy director of planning and development services, before recommending approval to the board.

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