Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Williamsburg City Manager Marvin Collins resigns

Marvin "Marc" Collins III (Courtesy City of Williamsburg)
Marvin “Marc” Collins III (Courtesy City of Williamsburg)

The Williamsburg City Council unanimously accepted City Manager Marvin Collins’ resignation during an emergency meeting Monday.

Collins’ resignation comes just four days after the City Council passed his budget for the 2019 fiscal year. The budget repealed the funding ordinance for the city’s Tourism Development Fund, which was necessary for Senate Bill 942 to take effect.

The council also voted to appoint Assistant City Manager Andrew Trivette as interim city manager.

No other details were available because Collins’ resignation is a personnel issue, the city said.

Collins was appointed in August 2015. He had previously served as assistant city manager of Fort Myers, Fla., since 2009.

During his tenure City Council passed the Tourism Development Fund, and the city saw the beginning of the redevelopment of the Williamsburg Shopping Center.

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