Tuesday, June 18, 2024

ICYMI: A new brewery, don’t be a sheep, lighthouse visits, flooding issues, and equality

Green Flash out, New Realm in

New Realm has partnered with The Miller Group to lease the 58,000 square-foot facility at 1209 Craft Lane, which formerly housed the Green Flash Brewing Company. READ MORE.

It’s official: A new brewing company will occupy the former Green Flash facility

Are you a sheep, or a wolf

Accepting that you could be involved in an active shooter situation is the first step in preparing for it, as is having a plan in place before any shooting starts. READ MORE.

‘Don’t become a sheep’ in an active shooter situation, police officer says

It’s about to get easier

Allowing public access to historic sites of national significance is of the utmost importance. But when they’re located inside an active military installation, which also happens to be used for special warfare training activities, providing that access can be a delicate balancing act. READ MORE.


Your trip to the Cape Henry Lighthouse and other historic sites in Fort Story is about to get easier

The saga continues

The Ashville Park neighborhood saga highlights the city’s attempts to address two overarching challenges that have been amplified in recent public hearings, City Council workshops and town halls. READ MORE.


Setting up shop

Equality Virginia is setting up shop in Virginia Beach mainly because of certain state delegates representing parts of the city. READ MORE.

Virginia Beach is epicenter of anti-discrimination bills in Virginia

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