Monday, December 4, 2023

ICYMI: Tornado planning, alternative budget, wine headaches, bringing babies to work, back from the brink

Do you have a plan?

Last year by this time there had already been a couple of twisters confirmed across Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads, as well as a what would eventually be classified as a straight-line winds event in Sandbridge. READ MORE.

Do you have a plan in place in case of a tornado?

Budget discussions continue

An alternative budget proposal, authored by City Council members Jessica Abbott, Bobby Dyer and John Moss, avoids $7.7 million in tax and fee increases included in City Manager David Hansen’s proposed budget. READ MORE.

Wine, anyone?

Virginia-based business owner Jennifer Corcoran has created a simple way to assist in removing tannins and sulfites which could be causing your wine-induced headaches. READ MORE.

Can a few simple drops save you from a wine induced headache?

Bringing babies to work

Virginia Beach City Council member Jessica Abbott has been researching existing policies across the nation that allow staff to bring their infants to work. Although she has been unable to find any on a local level, she has found quite a few in use by state and federal agencies. READ MORE.

Virginia Beach Council member working on city policy to allow infants at work

 “Life’s a Compass”

Life wasn’t quite so easy for Rick Bozart — homeless at 41, music was the saving grace that would eventually bring him back from the edge. READ MORE.

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