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Can a few simple drops save you from a wine induced headache?


Drop It is added to your glass or bottle of wine to reduce tannins and sulfites. (Courtesy of Drop It)
Drop It is added to your glass or bottle of wine to reduce tannins and sulfites. (Courtesy of Drop It)

Do you wish you could enjoy a glass of wine without suffering from a headache?

Virginia-based business owner Jennifer Corcoran has created a simple way to assist in removing tannins and sulfites which could be causing your wine-induced headaches.

“My girlfriends would be enjoying a glass of wine at dinner, and I couldn’t even have half a glass without getting a headache,” Corcoran said.

After talking to other friends, it was apparent that many others felt the same way or had different reactions to wine such as indigestion or becoming flushed. Some would drink it anyway, choosing to deal with the consequences.

When Corcoran had a hiatus between jobs in medical sales, she decided to look into why wine produces these effects in some people.


Corcoran, now a Cape Charles resident after moving around most of her life as an Air force family, graduated from the University of Maryland with a degree in biochemistry. After researching for about a year, she understood the scientific impact sulfites and tannins have on the human body as well as the other products that are available.

“These other products aren’t as portable and are expensive,” Corcoran said. “Plus, they don’t help with the tannins, or polyphenols groups.”

In the beginning, Corcoran came up with something for herself that was natural and didn’t impact the wine’s flavor. She made her solution and emptied out a Visine bottle and removed the label before bringing her concoction out with her for the evening.

“I’d put some drops in my glass of wine and people would look at me oddly,” Corcoran said. “Then they’d asked me if it was working for me and if they could try it.”

As more of her friends realized how well her tannin and sulfite removing solution was working, they’d get their own bottle filled, and the word spread quickly. Corcoran soon realized she really needed to get her product tested professionally, so she sent it to a lab in Napa Valley.

“The report stated that two to three drops of Drop It completely eradicated the sulfites in wine,” Corcoran said. “On a panel of ten potential tannins, it reduced two just enough to lessen the body’s negative reactions.”

While Drop It doesn’t eliminate the tannins completely, Corcoran said that the wine becomes a little smoother, even giving the younger reds a more pleasant taste.

Online Shopping

Drop it has been on Amazon for two weeks now, the delay because of the lack of a category for Corcoran’s product at first. Corcoran has received 100 orders in those 14 days as well as the daily sales from her website. She has many repeat customers, having sold 4,000 since January with only three returns.

“It’s doing well,” Corcoran said. “People are saying they feel great the next day.”

Drop It is available on Amazon. (Courtesy of Drop It)
Drop It is available on Amazon. (Courtesy of Drop It)

Corcoran is quick to state that Drop It is not a cure for drinking too much wine which results in a hangover. She doesn’t want people to drink irresponsibly; instead, she hopes that Drop It will help them enjoy their wine.

“I always say we are a prehab, not a rehab,” Corcoran said.


Wineries are abundant in the United States, with a significant number of them housed in Virginia. According to The Statistics Portal, Virginia has the fifth highest operating wineries at 287.

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Corcoran has been attending many of the wine festivals in the area and visiting Virginia’s wineries. There’s an entire population of people who haven’t been able to drink wine because of a variety of adverse reactions. If Drop It works for them, another group of customers may funnel into the wineries and wine stores.

“Wineries here have a reputation nationwide,” Corcoran said. “I’m working with Chateau Morrisette right now to get them on board.”

Female Entrepreneur

After winning the Hampton Roads InnovateHer Business Challenge which was hosted by the ODU Center for Enterprise Innovation in 2017, Corcoran has come a long way with the expertise and support from everyone.

“They have been instrumental in helping me make connections and to understand what I needed to do next,” Corcoran said.

Corcoran’s InnovateHer win gave her access to CIE’s business and marketing professionals every week to help her with the sales and marketing aspects she is unfamiliar with.

When she couldn’t’ bottle, label, and package everything for the number of orders coming in, they also introduced her to VersAbility, a company that matches people with disabilities with employers.

Virginia Products

After choosing to focus on online sales, Drop It has moved into the hands of people from all over.

“I’ve lived in Virginia for 10 years,” Corcoran said. “It’s exciting to sell a product made in Virginia all over the country and the world.”

Learn more about Drop It by clicking here.

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