Thursday, March 23, 2023

ICYMI: Local African-American history, The mayor resigned, Short-term rentals debate continues, Homes on swampland

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Understanding the history of African-American neighborhoods in Virginia Beach

Two Virginia Beach historians have completed a paper that will help to fill in at least some of the obscurity surrounding the lives of Princess Anne County’s and Virginia Beach’s black residents. READ MORE

Paper focuses on African-American neighborhoods in Virginia Beach

Three’s a crowd?

There are now three different proposed ordinances for the regulation of short-term rentals, and the Virginia Breach City Council said they would like to pick one and vote on it in in May. The existence of three separate proposed ordinances for short-terms rentals demonstrates the complexity of the issue. READ MORE.

A third set of short-term rental rules is now under consideration

We need a new mayor

Will Sessoms abruptly resigned as mayor of Virginia Beach last week. He said he wants to check out jobs in the private sector. He did not elaborate.

Virginia Beach Mayor Will Sessoms resigns, cites wanting to pursue jobs in private sector

Probably not a good idea

Argos Properties wanted to build 32 single-family homes on 12 acres of land in the Pungo area of Virginia Beach. The property is on the north side of Princess Anne Road near Fenwick Way. The area is known as “Holland Swamp,” for a reason. READ MORE.

32 homes do not belong on swampland, says Virginia Beach City Council

Well done

One word: WOW! READ MORE.

18 schools in Virginia received awards. 11 are Virginia Beach schools

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