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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

AAA reminds drivers to check their vehicle before summer road trips

AAA is telling drivers to check their car before a long road trip. (Courtesy Percita/ Google)
AAA is telling drivers to check their car before a long road trip. (File photo/Percita)

Is your vehicle at-risk for a breakdown? The American Automobile Association says that more than half of vehicles are.

AAA data shows that vehicles 10 years old and over are more than twice as likely to break down than newer automobiles. Furthermore, more than half of cars on the road to day are at least 10 years old.

“It’s no surprise that older vehicles are more likely to encounter a serious breakdown, but it is surprising just how many people are at risk,” said Georjeane Blumling, vice president of public affairs for AAA Tidewater Virginia.

Sixty-four percent of family travelers will make a road trip this summer, and AAA is urging motorists to take the time now to make sure their vehicle is road trip ready.

The three parts that are most likely to cause a problem on a road trip are the tires, engine and battery, according to AAA. The organization advises drivers to have those components of their car checked before embarking on a summer trip, as long trips in hot weather can place strain on vehicles.

AAA recommends members take advantage of its mobile battery program, which tests a vehicle’s battery and electrical system for early signs of trouble.

The parts on an engine’s cooling system are also most likely to fail without warning, so drivers should check for fluids pooling under the automobile when it has been parked for signs of a problem in the radiator, water pump or thermostat.

Drivers should also check the tread and air pressure of their tires, and make sure they have a working spare tire in their trunk.

In addition to these steps, AAA recommends drivers take their cars in for a professional inspection.

“Drivers may skip taking their car in for an inspection, hoping to avoid an expensive repair bill,” Blumling said. “But, when you factor in the cost of an interrupted trip, having a vehicle inspected and proactively repaired will cost much less in the long run.”

Drivers can find AAA-approved car care facilities and AAA Car Care Centers for vehicle inspection and repair services.

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