Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Warmer temperatures and sunny skies on the way — just in time for the weekend

Yorktown Beach. (Andrew Harris/WYDaily)
Yorktown Beach. (Andrew Harris/WYDaily)

At long last, spring may have finally arrived.

Warm weather is moving in Thursday and will continue through the weekend, according to the National Weather Service’s Wakefield Office’s forecast.

“It looks like a gradual warming trend right through the weekend – finally getting rid of this persistent winter weather,” NWS meteorologist Mike Dutter said.

Thursday’s high temperature will be above 70, Dutter said, and Friday and Saturday may even see temperatures cross into the 80s. The skies should mostly remain clear and sunny until Sunday afternoon.

Dutter also said April has been unseasonably cold thus far. Historically, the average high temperature for early April is 66 degrees, so the coming weather will be warmer than average.

“It looks like really pleasant weather,” Dutter said.

While the region is warming up, Dutter cautioned beach weather may not be here just yet.

“This time of year it might be warm at the beach, but the water is still really cold, especially ocean water and even the bay,” Dutter said. “It doesn’t take you long once you get in the water, especially if you fall off a kayak, to get in trouble with hypothermia from cold water.”

He added a Paddle Craft Risk advisory may be issued to alert the community to the threat posed by cold water.

He added temperatures may be a few degrees cooler at the shore than they are inland, due to the sea breeze.

After Sunday night’s showers, temperatures will settle into the 60s again next week.

“That’s not horrible compared to what it was this past weekend,” Dutter added.

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