Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Virginia Beach launches Adopt-A-Drain program to protect local waterways

Virginia Beach — Now you can adopt a drain in your Virginia Beach neighborhood.

Virginia Beach residents can now volunteer for the city’s Adopt-A-Drain program, which aims to recruit volunteers who are interested in waterway conversation and protecting local resources, according to a city news release.

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“The Adopt-a-Drain program is a great way to engage in environmental stewardship. Adopters bring awareness of stormwater pollution issues to their neighborhoods while helping to reduce litter and debris in our local waterways,” said Virginia Beach City Councilwoman Jessica Abbott, who proposed the Adopt-a-Drain program.

Adopting a drain is easy. Responsibilities include pledging to keep drains clean by sweeping around them a few times a year to prevent pollution from getting into the water. Debris like leaves, trash and grass clippings can find their way into storm drains, contributing to localized flooding.

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