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Getting to know your neighborhood cop: Master Police Officer Jamie Lilley

Master Police Officer Jamie Lilley (Courtesy photo/JCC PD)
Master Police Officer Jamie Lilley (Courtesy photo/JCC PD)

Editor’s note: This is the first installment of a five-part question and answer series with James City County’s five Community Services Unit officers. These officers are assigned to certain areas of the county and work directly with citizens to provide business and home inspections, as well as other services.

What zone do you work in and what areas does it cover?

Zone 1, including all of the Williamsburg Premium Outlets, Longhill Station, Colonial Heritage, Williamsburg Pottery and more.

What do you like about working in that area?

Zone 1 has an even mix of residential and business areas.

What’s your favorite food?

“Coffee. Coffee is a food… Give me a coffee and something sweet like a piece of cake and I’m great.”

What’s your favorite animal and why?

“I’m an animal lover. My next career, I’d love to get a piece of land for dogs… I love them because they show so much unconditional love.”

Do you have any pets?

6-year-old Yorkie named Summer

4-year-old Cojack (corgi-jack Russell mix) named Zeke

Grandmother of a 12-week-old hound mix named Allie Rose

Where are you from?

“Hampton, and lived there until December 2017, when I moved to York County.”

If hadn’t become a police officer, what other career would you be in?

“That’s a hard one for me, because I’ve always wanted to be a police officer. I had a fake gun belt… I’d hop in my dad’s Pinto and follow around the UPS truck.”

“But if I wasn’t a police officer, I think I’d be an elementary school teacher. Kids are my heart, and you can teach them so much at such a young age.”

If you could take a trip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

“I’m not much of a traveler because I can’t take my dogs. But if I could take them, I’d go to Hawaii. But a beach is a beach, so I can just drive to Nags Head, too.”

What do you like to do when you’re off-duty?

“I’m very active in my church. It keeps me busy. If I’m not at church, I love to decorate indoors and outdoors and do landscaping.”

What’s a crime prevention tip you want people to know?

“People don’t realize it can happen to you. I always go to homeowners association meetings and they’ll always say things like ‘This is Williamsburg, it can’t happen to me.’ I remind them it could happen to you. Lock your doors and leave your lights on.”

What’s a program or service that the Department offers that you wish more people knew about and/or utilized?

“At all the HOA meetings, I bring up our webpage and Facebook page. A lot of people don’t realize we have that, or all the programs we have on it… Most of them are free – almost all of them.”

Go to the James City County Community Services Unit website to see the map of officers’ zones.

Sarah Fearing
Sarah Fearing
Sarah Fearing is the Assistant Editor at WYDaily. Sarah was born in the state of Maine, grew up along the coast, and attended college at the University of Maine at Orono. Sarah left Maine in October 2015 when she was offered a job at a newspaper in West Point, Va. Courts, crime, public safety and civil rights are among Sarah’s favorite topics to cover. She currently covers those topics in Williamsburg, James City County and York County. Sarah has been recognized by other news organizations, state agencies and civic groups for her coverage of a failing fire-rescue system, an aging agriculture industry and lack of oversight in horse rescue groups. In her free time, Sarah enjoys lazing around with her two cats, Salazar and Ruth, drinking copious amounts of coffee and driving places in her white truck.

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