Thursday, July 18, 2024

New grocery store announced for Midtown Row

The newly-designed public plaza featured in Broad Street Realty's designs for Midtown Row. (Courtesy Broad Street Realty)
The newly-designed public plaza featured in Broad Street Realty’s designs for Midtown Row. (Courtesy Broad Street Realty)

A new tenant for Midtown Row has been announced.

Earth Fare, the authentic specialty organic and natural foods grocery store, will open in Midtown Row this summer, according to a press release from Broad Street Realty.

Broad Street plans to convert the Williamsburg and Monticello Shopping Centers into the mixed-use Midtown Row, and received approval from City Council in October.

Midtown Row will feature five-story buildings, each housing residential apartments above ground-floor businesses such as retail and restaurants. Midtown will also include a public plaza and is designed to be pedestrian-friendly.

“We are very excited to welcome Earth Fare as one our anchor tenants to our new Midtown Row Community in Williamsburg,” said Michael Jacoby, CEO of Broad Street Realty, LLC. “We fully support Earth Fare’s healthy food philosophy and focus on a healthy community.”

Earth Fare operates 46 stores across 10 states. Founded in 1975 in Asheville, North Carolina, the store will only sell products that are free of high fructose corn syrup, trans-fats, and artificial fats, colors, preservatives or sweeteners. All of its products are GMO-free and are never administered antibiotics or growth hormones.

“Americans everywhere deserve a place where they can shop confidently, knowing that every product in their cart is free from harmful additives that we know are not conducive to a healthy lifestyle.” said Earth Fare president and CEO Frank Scorpiniti. “We are very proud to bring our unparalleled commitment to helping our communities live longer, healthier, happier lives to Williamsburg.”

The store will also include a juice bar offering certified organic smoothies and juices, as well as coffee and other fresh beverages.

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