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New bill: Virginians could face fine for driving with snow on vehicle

After a snowstorm, be sure to clear the snow off your car, including the roof, hood and trunk. (File photo)
After snow falls, be sure to clear the snow off your car, including the roof, hood and trunk. (File photo)

At the moment, clearing snow from your roof, hood and trunk is a simple courtesy. But it may soon be Virginia law.

Last week, 93rd District Del. Mike Mullin introduced a bill in Virginia’s General Assembly that would penalize drivers $100 for failing to clear snow and ice from their cars before hitting the road.

“It seems like the most inconsiderate thing in the world,” Mullin said. “It doesn’t take that long to remove the snow and ice from the car.”

Mullin said it’s a matter of safety, and his bill says that accumulated snow or ice on a car “could interfere with the operation of another moving motor vehicle or cause injury to persons or property.”

Mullin told WYDaily that he had his own experience with those dangers after a recent snow shower.

Accumulated snow flew off another car and struck his vehicle as he drove along I-64 East in December, on his way back from Richmond.

“There was a Prius in front of me that had so much snow on the back of the car I was surprised they could even drive,” Mullin said. “You couldn’t even see through the rear windshield.”

His car wasn’t damaged, but the incident could have caused a crash. On his Facebook page Mullin, said the close call was the reason he decided to introduce the bill.

The delegate said he hopes the bill will make drivers more conscientious of their fellow motorists after snowstorms.

“There are a number of states that already require this,” Mullin said. “It’s more unusual Virginia doesn’t have a rule.”

Steve Roberts, Jr. contributed reporting.

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