Thursday, December 1, 2022

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? It’s not likely.

VIRGINIA BEACH — Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Area meteorologists say rain boots, instead of the snow variety, may be more appropriate holiday attire this year.

Although the weather is subject to change — especially when it’s still 10 days out — snow is not in the forecast for Christmas or the days leading up to it.

“The chances of a white Christmas look to be pretty low,” Wakefield National Weather Service Meteorologist Eric Seymour said.

While this weekend will start out cold with temperatures in the high 40s on Saturday, those are expected to rise into the high 50s by Monday. On Tuesday, temperatures could get into the 60s, Seymour said.

Tuesday’s warmer temperatures will likely be short-lived as a chance of rain is expected to knock them down several degrees into the mid-to-high 50s, where they will likely stay through the Christmas weekend.

Rain is in the forecast for Christmas weekend, although Seymour could not definitively say what day it could start or if the holiday itself would be a wet one.

“Generally speaking when you get to this part of December your average highs are usually around 50,” he said. “They are forecasting above normal temperatures, and they are forecasting slightly above normal chances for precipitation.”

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