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Rape charge added to case against Virginia Beach’s ‘DJ Chino’

Jesse Michael “DJ Chino” Lui is accused of raping his date while she was blacked out on Jan. 17, 2017. (Courtesy of the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office)

VIRGINIA BEACH — A new felony charge has been added in the case against a Virginia Beach DJ accused of sexually assaulting a woman while she was blacked out.

Jesse Michael “DJ Chino” Lui, 34, was directly indicted by a grand jury on Nov. 6 and charged with rape.

The indictment comes as Lui faces other felony sex-crime charges: object sexual penetration, forcible sodomy and attempted forcible sodomy.

Lui is accused of raping a 23-year-old woman who he was on a date with on Jan. 17.

The woman testified against Lui on May 26 in Virginia Beach General District Court. She told the judge that she didn’t know Lui when she caught his eye at Spades Lounge on Jan. 16. She was at the Holland Road club as the guest of another musician, and Lui was the club’s DJ.

The pair didn’t meet that night. Later Lui messaged her on Instagram and asked her to text him. The pair texted for a few days and agreed to go out to dinner on Jan. 17, she testified.

Lui invited her to his South Military Highway apartment. She arrived around 7 p.m. and mixed her a drink. She testified that she didn’t recognize the label on the bottle and Lui told her it was his own brand of alcohol.

The woman said she sipped on the drink for about an hour until she finished it. She described it as moderately strong and she said she watched him pour it, according to her testimony.

Lui offered her a second drink and she took it from him. She watched him pour it, but he took it away from her to refresh it with ice several times, she testified. Lui also had a drink, although the victim said she didn’t know exactly what type of alcohol he used for himself.

Around 9 p.m. the pair left the apartment and went to Spades Lounge where Lui allegedly planned to buy marijuana. The woman testified that she wasn’t finished with her second drink when they left, but Lui encouraged her to bring it in the car while they drove.

The woman said she said stayed in the car while Lui went into the club to buy the drugs. She said she felt fine at that time. Afterward, the pair drove to a restaurant to get a to-go order of chicken wings and stopped by a 7-Eleven to buy rolling papers for the marijuana, she testified.

Sometime between the restaurant and the gas station, the woman testified that she began to feel intoxicated.

When they got back to Lui’s apartment the woman said she used the bathroom and Lui rolled the marijuana. When she got out of the bathroom Lui light the marijuana and took a puff. The woman testified that she took two puffs and felt the effects of it “instantly.”

The pair then began kissing in the kitchen. That’s when the victim testified her memories started getting fuzzy.


The woman said she remembers blinking and opening her eyes to her pants being down and Lui pulling her body suit to the side and making contact with her genitals. She said she didn’t know how her pants had been removed.

She also said she told him no three times and tried to lift him up and away from her, but he was too heavy.

The woman testified that she blacked out and the next memory she has is of being in Lui’s bathroom without pants on, throwing up into the toilet. She testified that Lui, completely naked, was behind her and violated her while she was sick.

She told a judge that she was crying and raised her voice to ask him to stop.

The woman testified that she blacked out again and woke up completely naked in Lui’s bed. He pulled a trashcan beside her and held it for her. She told him she wanted to go home, and he helped her put her clothes back on before dressing himself and walking her to her car, she testified.

The woman said she got into her car and turned it on before passing back out again. She woke up sometime later when a woman she didn’t know knocked on the car window and asked if she was okay, the victim testified.

The victim told the woman that she wasn’t okay and needed help. The woman called her best friend who came to pick her up. When they got back to her house, some of the woman’s male friends helped her out of the car and into bed. That’s when she began to cry and told her friends that she thought she’d been sexually assaulted.

The woman told police that she didn’t know if she and Lui had sex, but she thought it might have happened while she was unconscious. She went to Riverside Hospital the next day where a rape kit was administered, according to documents filed in Virginia Beach Circuit Court.

The woman testified that she is a social drinker and that she’d smoked marijuana many times before that night. She said the effect she felt from the alcohol and drugs wasn’t normal.

She also said she’d had a big lunch before she’d gotten to his apartment and that he’d prepared a drink for himself before she’d arrived, according to court documents.

An officer who filed a search warrant for Lui’s apartment in February wrote that Lui may have given the woman a high level of alcohol or laced the drinks with drugs. During the search, police found a green tube, three bottles of vodka and a plastic bag with residue, court documents state.

Lui was original arrested on Feb. 24 and charged with object penetration and attempted forcible sodomy. He was released later on bond. He was arrested again on June 20 when a forcible sodomy charge was added to his case. He was denied bond on June 26 and again on Sept. 25, and is currently being held at the Virginia Beach Correctional Center.

In May, a Southside Daily reporter asked Lui for comment on his case. He declined.

Lui is scheduled to appear in Virginia Beach Circuit Court for trial on Dec. 11.

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