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5 costume ideas: A procrastinator’s guide to Halloween

Planning a last-minute costume? Here are a few ideas. (Steve Roberts/WYDaily)
Planning a last-minute costume? Here are a few ideas. (Steve Roberts/WYDaily)

Put off planning your costume? Not to fear, we’ve thrown together five last-minute costume ideas and tips for trick-or-treating in the Historic Triangle. 

Your biggest fear

Commitment? Marriage? Public Speaking? Grab a marker and a plain white tee and get creative with possibly the easiest costume you could throw together.

Handle with care!

Wrap yourself in some bubble wrap and caution tape for a dig at the younger generation. Millennials are getting roasted this Halloween for these “fragile” costumes.


Find an old medal you have laying around, or snag your kid’s trophy for this simple play on words. You’ll have to walk around with a loaf of bread all night, but that’s not a bad gig considering how easy it is to throw together. Wear some sweatbands and athletic wear to go the extra mile.

Operation gone wrong

Head to the local thrift store and pick out some scrubs to play the part of a nurse or doctor in a surgery gone awry. Use some red lipstick as blood and get messy.

Couch potato

Finally, the comfiest option for the laziest planners. Throw on some sweats and mess up your hair. If sweets aren’t your thing, this salty costume might be for you. Walk around town with a big bag of potato chips, or a bag of potatoes, whichever fits your fancy for this loungewear costume.

If all else fails, the classic two holes in a sheet is a sure ghostly bet. Don’t use “forgetting to plan” as a means to miss out on your chance to dress up and hit the town. Check out our list of events around the region for ways to spend your spooky night, with or without candy.

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