Thursday, December 8, 2022

Norfolk restaurant employee gives ‘F— THA POLICE’ receipt to officers, gets fired

NORFOLK — An employee at a local pizza eatery was fired after writing an obscene message on the receipt belonging to a pair of police officers.

Two Norfolk Police Department officers ordered pizza and a salad from Del Vecchios, located at 1080 W. 47th Street on Wednesday night. When they received their receipt it said “F— THA POLICE.”

Del Vecchio’s owner Melody Keddrell said that the restaurant has always had a good relationship with the NPD and offers their officers 50 percent off of their meals. When she and her husband learned about the receipt, which was circulated online, they took to Facebook to apologize for the message.

“We take care of them. We look out for them. We appreciate their business,” Keddrell said. “So this is kind of a big shock for us because it’s something we don’t tolerate or put up with.”

Keddrell said that the employee — who she did not want to identify — knew the NPD officers personally and was joking with them when writing the message on the receipt; however, Kendrell didn’t find the words funny and fired the employee.

“We do take it seriously and we’re sorry that the situation happened,” she said.

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