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Retired Navy SEAL’s energy drinks now available in Virginia Beach

Strike Force Energy drinks were developed as a healthier and portable energy drink option for first responders and service men and women according to the owner and founder Sean Matson. (Courtesy of Sean Matson)

VIRGINIA BEACH — A retired Navy SEAL has developed an energy drink that can fit in your pocket without sacrificing that rush of caffeine.

According to owner and founder, Sean Matson, he started Strike Force Energy back in January with the goal of providing a “lighter and healthier” energy drink option for warfighters and first responders.

“A friend stopped by our facility one day and mentioned how the military runs on caffeine and water, and oftentimes the water is less than great,” Matson said in a press release. “We heard him loud and clear and developed this healthy flavor and energy enhancer that can be used in the field or anywhere. We also honored him with the name of his choice, and Strike Force was born.”

The energy drink comes in four flavors — original, grape, lemon and orange — and is available in either 750-milliliter pump bottles for multiple uses or a single serving package.

Single-packet servings are small enough to fit in your pocket and can be squeezed into a water bottle with no stirring required. With a smaller and lighter size, the product takes up less shelf space for retailers and is less expensive when shipping to other locations, according to the release.

Strike Force Energy contains no sugar, calories or additives and contains 160 miligrams of caffeine per package.

“In one year, we’ve made great strides,” he said. “We sell to 50 countries and plan to have a national rollout soon with Walgreens. The Coast Guard Exchange sells more than 200,000 packages a month. The $1 price point is also very appealing. We anticipate continued growth in 2018. And, as we do, we’ll continue our pledge to donate a portion of our profits to law enforcement officers”

Since its launch last year, Strike Force Energy is currently being sold in select 7-Eleven locations near military installations and Coast Guard Exchanges in the area.

Along with being featured in select stores, Strike Force Energy products can be purchased online at

All participating retail locations can be found here.

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