Saturday, September 30, 2023

Virginia Beach week in review: stories you should read now

Virginia Beach is the most populous city in the state – and it’s also one of the busiest. With nearly half a million people living here, there’s always something happening. Here are five stories that sum up the last seven days.

You might have noticed that the drive-thru only Chik-fil-a on Virginia Beach Boulevard closed down this week, but don’t worry – a brand new, dine-in restaurant is coming soon. READ MORE

Do you like to walk or bike around the city to get to where you’re going? How would you feel about some new paved pathways that would help you navigate more safely? That just might happen. READ MORE

Where were you on June 22? Police suspect there was an illegal gambling ring meeting in two local vape shops. Did they crack the case or did the evidence go up in smoke? READ MORE

If you, your friends or family live in the North End, you’d probably be interested to know that 15 years ago, the Oceanfront neighborhood was recognized as needing a nearby fire station. The city is working on a partnership with the Navy to make it happen, but will it work? Answers are mixed. READ MORE

Who doesn’t love a good brewery? Good thing there’s a new brewing company setting up shop in the ViBe District. READ MORE

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