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Drones not welcome at Oceana Air Show, officials say

Drones are not permitted at the NAS Oceana Air Show, officials said on Thursday ahead of the annual event. (File photo)

VIRGINIA BEACH – It might be an air show, but officials want you to leave your drones at home.

In a statement released on Thursday afternoon, officials warned citizens that attempting to fly a drone at the air show is not only illegal but can other residents and pilots at risk.

“First and foremost is our spectator’s safety. They are our friends, neighbors, co-workers and relatives,” said Captain Rich Meadows, commanding officer of NAS Oceana. “Our performers are some of the best in the business and they require total concentration and precision while flying. The distraction of a drone could have disastrous consequences. If a drone actually collides with a plane while that plane is performing an aerobatic maneuver, the result could be catastrophic for the pilot and our spectators.”

According to the release, the Federal Aviation Administration has advised that operating drones around any airplane or helicopter is both dangerous and illegal. Air shows have been a closely regulated and safe event since 1952, and officials said they work hard to keep them safe for everyone.

“We want everyone at the NAS Oceana Air Show to enjoy their experience without having to worry about the consequences of a drone-related accident,” Meadows said in the statement. “Please, leave the flying to the professionals and come see the air show in person.”‘

More information about the FAA’s about the No Drone Zone online.

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