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Guilty: Jury recommends 48 years for man connected to shooting death of high school student

VIRGINIA BEACH — A Chesapeake man could spend 48 years in prison for his part in the death of a high school student during a drug deal gone wrong.

After a three-day jury trial, Andarion Lorenzo McInnis was found guilty Thursday of robbery, conspiracy and two counts of use of a firearm, according to court officials.

The jury recommended that McInnis spend 48 years in prison, but he won’t be formally sentenced until Nov. 8.

The charges stem from a May 1, 2016 robbery turned drug deal, in which 18-year-old Bryant Cueto was shot and killed.

Court officials said that McInnis and a juvenile planned to buy Xanax from Cueto in the parking lot of the Applebee’s located at 1756 General Booth Blvd. Officials said Cuteo’s friend, who didn’t know about the drug deal, drove him to the restaurant where the teenager sold another person Xanax.

Shortly after, McInnis and the juvenile came to the car where Cueto and his friend were sitting. The juvenile got into the backseat of the car and took out a revolver, while McInnis leaned over the driver’s side window, according to court officials.

The pair demanded Cueto hand over the Xanax, but the 18-year-old refused, so McInnis told the juvenile to shoot him.

The juvenile complied, and the pair took the drugs and fled the scene in a car driven by a woman, according to court officials.

Cueto’s friend called 911 and began driving to the hospital, but on the way he was able to get the attention of police. Rescuers tried to save him, but Cueto died in the hospital.

Evidence against McInnis included his fingerprints, which were found on the driver’s side door of the car and social media postings where he was advertising the Xanax, officials say.

The robbery isn’t McInnis’ first run in with the law. He has also been convicted of refusal to provide identification to police and disorderly conduct. He has yet to be tried for a charge of having an unauthorized weapon that is capable of death or injury. He was charged with that crime while in jail.

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