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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Trial set in case against ‘DJ Chino,’ Virginia Beach man accused of sexual assault

Jesse Michael “DJ Chino” Lui, 33, is accused of sexually assaulting his date on Jan. 17, 2017. (Courtesy of the Virginia Beach Sheriff’s Office)

VIRGINIA BEACH — The case against a Virginia Beach DJ accused of sexually assaulting his date is scheduled for a bench trial in October.

Jesse Michael “DJ Chino” Lui, 33, was arrested on June 20, about two weeks after his case was certified to Virginia Beach Circuit Court by a grand jury.

He is charged with three felonies: attempted forcible sodomy, forcible sodomy and object sexual penetration.

His trial is scheduled for Oct. 25. If convicted, Lui could face between 12 years and life in prison, according to Virginia legal code.

Lui’s arrest came about six months after a 23-year-old woman told the Virginia Beach Police Department that she was drunk and high when Lui sexually assaulted her in his South Military Highway apartment, according to documents filed in VBCC.

On May 25, the woman testified against Lui in Virginia Beach General District Court.

She said that she didn’t know Lui when she caught his eye at Spades Lounge on Jan. 13. She was at the Holland Road club as a guest of another musician, and Lui was the club’s DJ.

The pair didn’t meet that night. Lui used Instagram to contact her and asked her to text him. After a few days of chatting, they decided to go to dinner on Jan. 17, she testified.

She said she had several drinks at Lui’s home. He mixed the drinks, which he prepared using his own brand of alcohol. The woman testified that she didn’t recognize the label on the liquor bottles, but it tasted like some variety of vodka.

Lui and the woman left his apartment around 9 p.m. to buy marijuana at Spades Lounge, she testified. They also stopped by a restaurant to get a to-go order of chicken wings and a 7-Eleven to buy rolling papers for the marijuana, she said.

Sometime between the restaurant and the gas station, the woman said she began to feel intoxicated.

When they got back to Lui’s apartment, the woman used the bathroom while he rolled the marijuana. When she was finished, Lui lit the marijuana and took a puff. The woman testified that she took two puffs and felt the effects of it “instantly.”

After she smoked, the pair started kissing in the kitchen. They had already shared their first kisses in the car. That’s when the woman’s memories started getting fuzzy, she testified.

The woman said it felt like she blinked and lost time. She said she opened her eyes to her pants being down, and Lui pulling her body suit to the side and making contact with her genitals. She said she didn’t know how her pants had been removed.

The woman told a judge she said no to Lui’s actions three times and tried to lift him away from her, but he was too heavy.

The woman testified that she blacked out. The next memory she has is of being in Lui’s bathroom without pants on and throwing up into a toilet. She said Lui was completely naked and was behind her, continuing to violate her while she was sick.

She said she cried and asked him to stop.

The woman said she blacked out again, and woke up completely naked in Lui’s bed. He pulled a trash can beside her and held it for her as she got sick again. She told him that she wanted to go home, so he put her clothes back on her and walked her to her car, according to court documents.

She said that she got into her car and turned it on before passing out again. She awoke sometime later to a woman she didn’t know knocking on her window and asking if she was OK.

The woman testified that she said she needed help, and called her friend who came to pick her up. She went to Riverside Hospital the next day where a rape kit was administered, court documents state.

The woman reported to police that she wasn’t sure if she and Lui had sex, but believes it may have happened while she was unconscious. She also said that she’s a social drinker and experienced in smoking marijuana.

She testified that the effect she felt from the alcohol and drugs was not normal.

An officer who filed a search warrant for Lui’s apartment in February wrote that Lui may have given the woman a high level of alcohol or laced the drinks with drugs. During the search, police found a green tube, three bottles of vodka and a plastic bag with white residue, court documents state.

Lui is currently being held in the Virginia Beach Correctional Center without bond. He declined several interview requests made by Southside Daily.

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