Friday, March 1, 2024

JCC man faces assault charges after spitting in officer’s face

Glen Blotzer. (Courtesy VPRJ)
Glen Blotzer. (Courtesy VPRJ)

A man who spit in a police officer’s face was then ordered to sit in a police car.

Officers from the James City County Police Department were dispatched to the 7600 block of Thatcher Drive May 7, according to Stephanie Williams, public information officer for the department.

When officers arrived they found Glen Blotzer in the front yard of his home. He appeared intoxicated, and refused officers’ commands. Blotzer also continued drinking and being noisy while officers were on the scene.

Family members arrived and assured officers they would remain with Blotzer until he fell asleep.  However, as officers were leaving Blotzer became aggressive with a family member.

He was then arrested for drunk in public. As police were putting Blotzer in their vehicle he spat in one of the officer’s faces. As a result, he was also charged with assault and battery of a police officer.

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