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Major street paving project to begin this month

A map of the asphalt overlay project. (Courtesy City of Williamsburg)
A map of the asphalt overlay project. (Courtesy City of Williamsburg)

Select streets in the City of Williamsburg will be repaved before the end of the summer.

Williamsburg City Manager Marvin Collins will be providing a report on the project to City Council March 9, according to meeting documents

The four primary roads set for repaving are Bypass Road, Page Street, Lafayette Street and Henry Street. Side streets in the Holly Hills and Yorkshire area and portions of Parkway Drive, Nassau Street, South Boundary Street, Ireland Street and the access drive to the Community Building will also be repaved.

“The need is based on observation and analysis,” said city Public Works Director Dan Clayton, who is involved with the project. “We have a record of when we paved streets, and we visually visit streets and see what needs done.”

In his report, Collins will present to the council an award of bid to a contractor for the city’s 2017 asphalt overlay—or paving—schedule.

The city received four bids for the project, and awarded the project to low-bidder Allan Myers Inc. for $715,777, according to meeting documents. The actual amount of the project could vary from the bid, however, as the bid is based on estimates.

Meeting documents indicate paving will begin in March and is scheduled to be completed by July. Paving will be done on Bypass Road and Page Street in the spring, and in the downtown area after William and Mary’s graduation.

“The best part [of the year] for us is when the college lets out and grade schools are still in,” Clayton said. “The college kids are gone and we haven’t got the tourists yet. The May-June time frame is when we try to do roads at that time, especially in the center city area.”

Clayton said the project will be paid for with a combination of state and city funds. The state-provided funding was approved by VDOT through the State of Good Repair Program, according to meeting documents. The Financial Year 2017 paving budget is expected to cover the cost of the project.

Clayton added that changes to traffic patterns during paving have not yet been determined. He said he anticipates single-lane closures with flaggers to direct traffic, but that will be determined at a later date.

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