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Williamburg planners discuss future priorities for city, highlight 34 major projects

The Planning Commission's meeting took place at the Stryker Center Wednesday. (City of Williamsburg)
The Planning Commission’s meeting took place at the Stryker Center Wednesday. (City of Williamsburg)

Assistant City Manager Andrew Trivette provided Williamsburg’s Planning Commission with a presentation to review the progress of the Capital Improvement Plan at their monthly meeting Wednesday afternoon.

The CIP refers to any capital improvement that is scheduled for completion within the next five years, according to a meeting memo.

The city defines a capital expense as any construction project or acquisition of property whose cost exceeds $20,000, or a study that costs more than $10,000.

Trivette highlighted projects that the Planning Commission had expressed interest in during Fiscal Year 2017, which began on July 1, 2016 and ends on June 30.

One such capital improvement Trivette discussed was bicycle facility improvements, which includes the construction of a multi-use pedestrian trail along Monticello Avenue.

“That project is designed and construction is expected to begin in Financial Year 2018,” Trivette said, although a completion date was not provided.

Planning Commission First Vice-Chair Sarah Stafford asked Trivette for an update regarding the underground wiring of Second Street.

“It’s my understanding that while the project has been designed, the allocation of resources from Dominion Power has not happened yet,” Trivette replied.  “We do fully expect that project to begin and end in 2017.”

A complete list of city capital improvements and their current status can be found on the meeting memo.

According to Trivette, the individual departments submit projects at the beginning of the budgeting process in October. As the budget is evaluated, the Planning Commission, EDA and the City Council formulate the CIP. Discussions on financial year 2018 will begin at the City Council retreat Saturday.

“I think it’s important just to take stock of where we are,” Trivette said.  “I think it’s even more important for the appointed bodies that start the process in the beginning of the budget year to close the process at the end of the budget year with a report on, ‘Here’s what we got done and here’s what you told us was your priority.’”

Trivette reported that 34 capital improvement projects were included in the CIP. Nineteen projects were completed in financial year 2017, eight more will be completed by the end of financial year 2017, and seven have been postponed or cancelled.  The financial year 2017 capital improvement budget was roughly $19.3 million.

The Planning Commission also decided their Chair and Vice Chairs for the upcoming calendar year, and voted to make no changes. Demetrios Florakis will remain Chair, and Stafford Elaine McBeth will remain First and Second Vice-Chairs, respectively.

The Commission also voted to recommend the construction of a Dunkin Donuts on Richmond Road during the meeting.

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