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Report shows rapes increase, homicides down in city so far in 2016

The number of reported rapes in Virginia Beach increased significantly during the first six months of this year compared with the same period in 2015.

A report recently released by the Virginia Beach Police Department states that 102 cases of rape were reported in the city from January through June. That’s up from the 75 cases during the same six-month period last year.

The newly-released police department report lists crime statistics spanning the January to June 2016 period, including the number of reported rapes, homicides, robberies, aggravated assaults and other violent crimes, as well as burglaries, larceny, motor vehicle thefts, arson and other property crimes.

Map of the city's most dense locations of reported violent crimes (Courtesy of Virginia Beach Police Department)
This map indicates areas of Virginia Beach with the highest density of reported incidents of violent crime. (Courtesy of Virginia Beach Police Department)

Seventy eight percent of the offenders in the rape cases reported this year knew their victims, according to the report.

While the number of reported rapes rose more than any other crime in January through June period, homicide reports experienced the largest decrease of any crime, falling from 12 in January-June 2015 to 8 this year.

Arson was crime with the second-largest decrease in the number of reported cases. The 36 arson cases reported this year is down from the 46 reported in the first six months of 2015.

Motor vehicle thefts, on the other hand, experienced the second-largest increase among crimes included in the report, rising from 184 in the January-June period last year to 242 cases reported this year.

Other six-month 2016 crime statistics in the police department report include:

  • 131 reported robberies, up from 126 last year
  • 136 reported aggravated assaults, up from 129 last year
  • 377 violent crimes, up from 342 last year
  • 421 burglaries, a 16 percent decrease from 501 cases last year
  • 4,084 larceny reports, up from 3,961 last year
  • 4,783 property crime reports, up from 4,692 last year

The total number of adults arrested during the January-June period fell from 3,333 last year to 3,046 in 2016.

Juvenile arrests fell 10 percent, from 399 last year to 359 in 2016.

The full police department report can be found here.

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