Saturday, September 23, 2023

What’s the buzz? Popular website focuses on Williamsburg

The Buzzfeed team traveled to Williamsburg and took in the sights. (Aubree Lennon/Buzzfeed)
Members of the BuzzFeed team traveled to Williamsburg and took in the sights. (Aubree Lennon/Buzzfeed)

Two articles focusing on Williamsburg were posted on the popular website BuzzFeed last week as part of a tourism promotion.

One of the “listicles,” titled “A Tour Of Williamsburg, VA, Through Craft Beer ‘N’ Cocktails,” highlights 11 popular spots in the Historic Triangle where people can enjoy spirits and craft beverages.

The other, “We Road-Tripped From Williamsburg, Brooklyn, To Williamsburg, Virginia,” chronicles the journey of four co-workers who made the trek from the New York City borough to the Revolutionary City.

The articles conclude a marketing campaign organized by the Williamsburg Area Destination Marketing Committee. The campaign was aimed at promoting tourism among its target audience, which includes mothers, couples and women between the ages of 25 and 45.

Corrina Ferguson, director of destination campaign marketing for WADMC, praised BuzzFeed for its work on the articles.

“The BuzzFeed team (members), I think they really immersed themselves in the destination when they came,” Ferguson said. “[They’re] very well done and show a side to Greater Williamsburg that others might not be aware of.”

BuzzFeed created a custom page for the Visit Williamsburg native advertisements and writers pitched their stories for the campaign.

The popular online publication also ran two prior pieces, including “11 Reasons Every Parent Should Add Williamsburg, VA, To Their Summer Plans,” and “10 Things The Founding Fathers Would Be Doing in Williamsburg, VA, Today.”

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