Saturday, September 23, 2023

Iron-Bound Gym honors founder with memory wall

Scott Grafton, the owner of Iron-Bound Gym in New Town, is honoring the gym’s founder, Warren Crammer, with a new memory wall featuring one of his favorite sayings.

Members of Iron-Bound Gym celebrate the new memory wall. (Photo courtesy of Iron-Bound Gym)
Members of Iron-Bound Gym celebrate the new memory wall. (Photo provided by Iron-Bound Gym)

Enamored with the facility, Crammer would regularly respond “Iron-Bound Gym, like a fine wine — getting better with age” whenever he was asked how he was doing.

Late last month, the memory wall emblazoned with that quotation was dedicated in a ceremony attended by Crammer, his wife, Norma, and Iron-Bound Gym members.

Painted in red and black, the color scheme of Iron-Bound Gym, Crammer’s quote sits atop the entrance to the free-weight lifting area located in the heart of the gym.

Grafton, who has painted other motivational quotes throughout the gym, said he felt painting Crammer’s most-recited quote within the gym was a fitting way to pay tribute.

Since founding Iron-Bound Gym in 1983, Crammer has been the face of the New Town-based workout facility. Despite selling the gym in 1996, he remained a loyal customer to the business and regularly stopped by to socialize.

“He’s always treated [the gym] like a family,” Grafton said of Crammer, who retired from the gym in 2008 and now suffers from dementia.

“He has just always been such a cheerful person and has a very big heart,” Grafton said. “He’s always been a big influence.”

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