Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Williamsburg Boutique MC Upscale Celebrates Grand Opening

A ribbon cutting was held for MC Upscale on Saturday. (Photo courtesy of MC Upscale)
A ribbon-cutting was held for MC Upscale on Saturday. (Photo courtesy of MC Upscale)

Roughly 20 people, including Williamsburg Vice Mayor Paul Freiling, were on hand as MC Upscale, a boutique located at 208 Parkway Drive, celebrated its grand opening Saturday.

Founded by Carla Brown, a Williamsburg native, MC Upscale sells handmade jewelry, shoes and home décor. Brown said 95 percent of the jewelry sold in the store is hand-crafted by her.

Making jewelry has long been a hobby of Brown, who decided to pursue a full-time career in the craft three years ago. She has also started making other products such as hats, anklets and bare-feet sandals.

After looking for a location that fit her price range, Brown discovered her current location in the Parkway Building at the corner of Parkway Drive and 2nd Street.

Business for MC Upscale started slowly after a soft opening in January, but Brown said customers are starting to flock to her store and is hopeful shoppers will appreciate her one-of-a-kind jewelry that is designed and crafted locally.

“It was a little quiet at first, but I’m starting to get some tourists from nearby hotels and some people living nearby are starting to come,” she said.

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