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York Supes Approve Fiscal 2017 Budget, Capital Improvements Program

York County's $187.7 million budget for fiscal 2017 comes with no tax rate increases for residents. (Photo courtesy York County)
York County’s $187.7 million budget for fiscal 2017 comes with no tax rate increases for residents. (Photo courtesy York County)

A relatively uncontested and uncontroversial budget was approved Tuesday by the York County Board of Supervisors.

Prior to a unanimous vote, the supervisors provided little comment on the budget that has received little resistance from the public coming with no tax increases.

Board Chairman Jeffrey Wassmer did take a quick moment to thank county staff for their hard work on drafting the $187.7 million budget for fiscal 2017.

The budget comes with pay raises for all county employees on some level and consists of $135.4 million for county and York County School Division operations.

The county is anticipating about $2 million in revenue growth in the next fiscal year, primarily from real estate tax, which includes about $1 million from new developments and assessment growth.

The York County School Division will receive $365,000 more revenue than last year from the county, though the school division’s budget requested an increase of about $1 million. The school board will need to make adjustments in its budget in order to make up the gap.

The county’s Capital Improvements Program has been converted to a six-year plan from a 10-year plan under County Administrator Neil Morgan’s first budget.

The plan comes with $96.2 million in reductions over the next six years from the previous plan, which Morgan has said is a more realistic and attainable level of funding for future projects based on the county’s borrowing power.

The reductions include $22.1 million from schools for capital projects, which has school officials and residents concerned regarding the upkeep of facilities and funding the construction of a new elementary school to alleviate overcrowding.

To read more about Morgan’s budget proposal, click here.

The full text of the proposed budget and a video highlighting the budget are available on the county website.

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