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Fate of Vacant Seat in York School Board’s Hands

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Page Minter

The special election to fill the York County School Division seat left vacant after Page Minter’s death last week will likely take place in November, coinciding with the presidential election.

In the meantime, the school board will decide if it will appoint an interim member to the District 4 seat and, if so, who that might be.

Minter, who served on the school board for more than 20 years, died last week at 69 and was last elected in November to another four-year term.

Melanie Economou, assistant county attorney for York County, said the school board has 45 days from April 4 to appoint an interim, or not, to the seat, which represents the tiebreaking vote for the five-member board.

“I would think they would probably appoint someone. It makes sense, but you never know,” Economou said. “I’m sure it will be a difficult decision for the board, having to fill Mr. Minter’s shoes.”

The appointment must be a qualified voter living in the district.

Only one regular business meeting is scheduled in the 45-day stretch. In the event of a tie vote on a business item, the school board policy requires the item to be moved to the next meeting for another vote if all members are not present.

Virginia law also grants the county the ability to appoint a county resident to serve as a tiebreaker.

A petition is already making its way to the circuit court to have a special election to coincide with the special election to fill late state Sen. John Miller’s seat in the General Assembly.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced Thursday his signing of a writ of special election for Miller’s seat to take place on Nov. 8, Election Day. State law allows a special election to join a general election but not a primary election.

Economou said placing the special elections on Election Day save money for taxpayers.


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