Friday, December 1, 2023

Amendment Allows JCC to Test Success of Special Events at Jamestown Beach

Jamestown Beach Park (Photo courtesy James City County)
Jamestown Beach Park (Photo courtesy James City County)

The James City County Board of Supervisors has approved a special use permit amendment that will allow Jamestown Beach to host more special events.

The amendment, passed by a 4-1 vote Tuesday night, will allow the county to build smaller infrastructure improvements, such as a temporary stage, on the site to support special events without requiring permanent restroom facilities or public water and sewer connections.

The amendment will give the county a chance to see if special events can be successful at Jamestown Beach before building permanent structures like a stage.

Jamestown Beach was the venue for Bountiful Brews & Bites, a food, drink and music event during last year’s Harvest Celebration. The county is planning a concert series at Jamestown Beach that could begin this summer, said Jody Puckett, JCC communications director.

The sole dissenter was Supervisor Sue Sadler (Stonehouse), who said comments from resident Chris Henderson during the item’s public hearing “made sense” to her.

Henderson advocated for deferring a vote until the board understood the long-term vision for activities at Jamestown Beach and could see a cost comparison of installing permanent facilities versus utilizing temporary ones like portable toilets.

He also questioned whether private property owners would be granted the same consideration as the county when seeking to use their property for event purposes.

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