Monday, March 27, 2023

Wassmer Wins District 4 Seat on York County Board of Supervisors

Jeff Wassmer 2015District 4 residents will have a new face on the dais as their representative on the York County Board of Supervisors.

Jeff Wassmer, a Republican, has won the seat, according to unofficial results from the Virginia Department of Elections. He defeated Independent Robert S. Holloway on Tuesday.

Supervisor George Hrichak, who has served District 4 for two terms, announced he would not seek re-election earlier this year.

Wassmer collected 1,871 votes for 58.63 percent of the ballots cast in the race. Holloway garnered 1,315 votes, or 41.21 percent.

“I think now District 4 has a very strong voice that is very concerned about the future of York County and not the past,” Wassmer said.

Wassmer will be joined on the Board of Supervisors by incumbents Walt Zaremba, Sheila Noll and Tom Shepperd, all of whom ran unopposed, as well as newcomer Chad Green. All five are Republicans.

Holloway said he was not surprised by the results but is still disappointed.

“We knew it was a long shot from the get-go. I just didn’t want [Wassmer] to run unopposed,” Holloway said. “I think everyone should have an opponent in a race. York County is not real good at transparency. I just worry that’s not going to improve. I don’t see any signs of him doing anything different than what the status quo has done.”

All election results are considered unofficial until a formal results review, which begins Wednesday, is completed and all provisional ballots are counted.



Candidate Votes Percent
Jeff D. Wassmer 1,871 58.63%
Robert S. Holloway Jr. 1,315 41.21%
Write In 5 0.16%


By Precinct:

# AB – Central Absentee Precinct

Candidate Votes Percent
Jeff D. Wassmer 69 54.76%
Robert S. Holloway Jr. 56 44.44%
Write In 1 0.79%


Candidate Votes Percent
Jeff D. Wassmer 695 55.33%
Robert S. Holloway Jr. 559 44.51%
Write In 2 0.16%

402 – DARE

Candidate Votes Percent
Jeff D. Wassmer 817 64.23%
Robert S. Holloway Jr. 454 35.69%
Write In 1 0.08%


Candidate Votes Percent
Jeff D. Wassmer 290 54.00%
Robert S. Holloway Jr. 246 45.81%
Write In 1 0.19%


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