Wednesday, July 6, 2022

District 4 Voters Re-Elect Page Minter to Sixth Term

Page Minter 2015R. Page Minter has been elected to serve a sixth term as the District 4 representative on the York County School Board, according to unofficial election results.

The Virginia Department of Elections shows Minter earned 1,736 votes, or 56.88 percent of the ballots cast. His opponent, Stephen Roane, tallied 1,305 votes for 42.76 percent of the vote.

District 4 has 9,357 registered voters.

All election results are considered unofficial until a formal results review, which begins tomorrow, is completed and all provisional ballots are counted.

Minter said he is excited about the win and is looking forward to working for the students in York County.

“I hope [the win means] that they feel they have someone they feel very comfortable with, they can approach, have confidence in what they’re doing,” Minter said. “They trust what I’m doing and let me return, and I’m very appreciative of it.”

Despite the loss, Roane is pleased with his first run for public office and is excited to head back to work and continue coaching the Grafton-Tabb Youth Football League Junior’s football squad.

“We tell the boys on the team, you leave it all out on the field and I feel I did,” Roane said. I’m satisfied with my effort.”



Candidate Votes Percent
R. Page Minter 1,736 56.88%
G. Stephen Roane Jr. 1,305 42.76%
Write In 11 0.36%


# AB – Central Absentee Precinct

Candidate Votes Percent
R. Page Minter 74 62.18%
G. Stephen Roane Jr. 44 36.97%
Write In 1 0.84%


Candidate Votes Percent
R. Page Minter 716 61.14%
G. Stephen Roane Jr. 449 38.34%
Write In 6 0.51%

402 – DARE

Candidate Votes Percent
R. Page Minter 672 54.46%
G. Stephen Roane Jr. 561 45.46%
Write In 1 0.08%


Candidate Votes Percent
R. Page Minter 274 51.89%
G. Stephen Roane Jr. 251 47.54%
Write In 3 0.57%

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