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Local Man Found Guilty of Embezzling from Pool Company

York-Poquoson Courthouse
York-Poquoson Courthouse

A local man pleaded guilty to two counts of felony embezzlement from a York County pool company in York-Poquoson Circuit Court last week.

John Phillip Cronk was an employee of Douglas Aquatics and worked as a retail sales manager starting in 2009.

He was fired in late 2014 for unspecified reasons, at which time a customer approached the company’s owner saying she never paid full price for the products she purchased from Cronk.

Upon reviewing video surveillance of the store and performing an audit of the company’s sales, the owner found 15 instances of missing cash transactions linked to Cronk – all of which involved selling products from the store at significantly discounted prices.

The loss of money stemming from the discounts amounted to $91,687.

Cronk was arrested in November 2014 and charged with 10 felony counts of embezzlement and five misdemeanor counts of embezzlement.

Since all of the charges were linked to incidents occurring over the course of one year, prosecutors followed a guideline recommending they drop all but one charge for each sixth-month period in exchange for Cronk entering guilty pleas to two remaining charges.

Cronk is scheduled to reappear before the court Dec. 10 for sentencing.

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