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JCC Communities Receive Good Neighbor Environment Grants

The Monticello Woods residential community completed a project using a matching Good Neighbor Environment grant in Fiscal Year 2013. (Photo courtesy of Dawn Oleksy)
The Monticello Woods residential community completed a project using a matching Good Neighbor Environment grant in Fiscal Year 2013. (Photo courtesy of Dawn Oleksy)

Fifteen residential communities will be able to complete environmentally sustainable landscape projects this fall with help from grants awarded by the James City Clean County Commission.

Dawn Oleksy, county environmental coordinator, said all 15 communities that applied for the matching Good Neighbor Environment grants will receive financial assistance with their projects, which range from designating different neighborhood entrances with color-coordinated native plants to combating erosion by planting native shrubs around a pool.

“A lot of these neighborhoods, they have problems. They’re aging neighborhoods and they’re having to combat some issues and be creative about it,” Oleksy said. “If we can have that program to give them a little assistance and think the solution through, that’s what were here for.”

Oleksy said the grant program transitioned from focusing on beautification efforts to sustainability projects in 2012. Applicants must submit cost estimates, a maintenance plan and their preferred method to match the grant funds, either in dollars or volunteer hours.

“It’s just impressive to see these neighbors,” Oleksy said. “It’s really community pride and that’s what we want to instill and facilitate.

The following communities received a grant of $500 or less for their project, according to the James City Clean County Commission:

  • Berkeley’s Green HOA will improve their neighborhood entrances with landscaping plans incorporating color schemes for each area with native and perennial plants.
  • Brandon Woods Garden Club will improve their main entryway with sustainable evergreens and erosion control methods.
  • Governor’s Land Adopt-an-Island community members will renovate their Kitchum’s Pond entrance to improve water drainage and enhance curb appeal.
  • Greensprings Plantation HOA will plant sustainable landscaping at the Philip Ludwell entrance and along Centerville Road.
  • Kingspoint HOA will replace existing landscaping at neighborhood entrance with updated perennials that will improve erosion control.
  • Longhill Station will replace existing shrubbery surrounding the pool area with native shrubs that will prevent erosion and improve storm runoff.
  • New Town Residential Association will address an erosion problem along a walking trail with native shrubs and “Love” grass to stabilize and naturalize the area and trail.
  • Page Landing HOA will remove trees and brush that have encroached on their common areas.
  • Powhatan Crossing HOA will establish sustainable landscaping by plant drought tolerant and native perennial flowers at entryway to reduce watering requirements.
  • Powhatan Place has requested the assistance of JCC Landscape Love Master Gardeners to help control water runoff and prevent further erosion at a common area along the sidewalk at the neighborhood entryway.
  • Seasons Trace HOA will install sustainable landscaping around their new neighborhood signs.
  • St. George’s Hundred Association will install a sidewalk extension to connect their neighborhood to Jamestown Hundred neighborhood. This will encourage existing foot and bicycle traffic and will also improve soil stabilization.
  • St. Thomas HOA will replace and repair existing landscaping damaged by a vehicle accident with the assistance of the Master Gardeners.
  • Villas at Five Forks HOA will repair a swale in a common area with erosion and drainage problems.
  • Westmoreland HOA will improve soil quality of their common areas through aerating, seeding and compost.

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