Friday, March 31, 2023

A 3D Look at the Jamestown Burial Site

Though archaeologists may have had exclusive access to the gravesites of four founders of English America found at Jamestown, the Smithsonian Institute is offering the general public an up-close look using 3D technology.

The Smithsonian Natural History Museum and the Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project worked together to identify the remains of the four men found in the chancel of the original Jamestown church.

Jamestown Podcast: An Interview with Dr. Bill Kelso and James Horn

When the identities of the remains found were revealed July 28, Jamestown Rediscovery released a series of videos and the Smithsonian’s 3D department released models to make the discovery more accessible to the public.

Click here for the video series and explore the unearthed history in the 3D model below.

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